Jenkins Cinema is a video design company founded on the principle of professional work at a fair price. Jenkins Cinema was founded in 2015 by Austin Jenkins. Ranging from commercial, television, and events, Jenkins Cinema enjoys working on new projects and building lasting relationships with Clients. 

Event Videography and What we stand for:

We are based out of Oklahoma and we believe that when we work on a project, it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. We understand that for most of these events we will film, you have already spent A LOT of time and money, so investing in a video shouldn't make you more stressed out. This experience should also be one that you enjoy, so we have dedicated our business to making this a smooth process. We cooperate well and always keep a positive attitude, enabling everyone else to keep focused on the event. 


Let us make your event less stressful and rememberable!


EMAIL: rebecca@jenkins-cinema.com